Vaonis Stellina

An Observation Station

A new purchase for 2022 the Vaonis Stellina. It is described as an Observation Station.
It takes under 5 minutes to set up. It finds its position using GPS, then checks the sky for star patterns, so It knows where it is facing.
It then focuses automatically, which is a great asset, then asks you to specify a target. You can select from several lists.
Once you have told the Stellina which image you want to observe, it rotates on both axis to the required position, checks for positional accuracy and then starts taking 10 second exposures and stacks them on top of each other.
You can save as tiffs or jpegs.
The Stellina gives a guide as to the amount of exposure required to take a decent image, it can vary between 15 - 120 minutes. It takes excellent images of globular clusters of stars.
The Stellina is powered by a small battery pack, which provides 5v for about 4 hours use.